Amazon FBA Small and Light

In my experience in over 10 years on Amazon, getting an active edge when it comes to shipping fees on Amazon is incredible. Could “small and light” be a solution?

Getting an edge on Amazon FBA policies that all of your opponents may not be taking advantage of is the best.

Amazon FBA Small and Light is an influential way to increase sales on Amazon and this is everything you need to know if it is a decent fit for you and how to begin.

Amazon small and light

Amazon FBA Small and Light is an Amazon program that assists as an alternative for Amazon Sellers with small and lightweight goods to still give quick and free shipping, while also getting the Prime badge next to their listings.

In addition to delivering fast and free shipping to clients, Amazon Seller Central Sellers benefit from exceptional profit margins from breaks on shipping.

Amazon FBA Small and Light also serves as a solution to the dreaded Amazon add-on product situation.

From what I’ve seen, the lower fees illustrate savings to the client.

This benefits seller with:

  • Enhanced Amazon SEO
  • Reduce ACoS for better ad ROAS in your Amazon advertising
  • A good Amazon Sales Rank from Increased sales velocity

How does Amazon small and light work?

The truth is, Amazon FBA Small and Light sounds complex but it’s easy.

Here is how it works:

  1. Enroll on Amazon FBA Small and Light
  2. Choose your goods BEFORE you ship them to Amazon Fulfillment Centers
  3. Convert your merchandise to Amazon FBA Small and Light
  4. Send in your merchandise (minimum 24 products) to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

It’s worth reporting that the enrollment procedure is manageable as well.

Amazon small and light requirements

Products that Are Qualified for Amazon Fba Small and Light:

  • Weight: 10oz or less
  • Size: 16 x 9 x 4 inches or less
  • Price: $8 or less
  • FBA Inventory: When sending in inventory to Amazon, there is a minimum quantity of 24 units per product.
  • List of Restricted goods

Products that Are Not Eligible for Amazon Fba Small and Light Are:

  • Adult products
  • Hazmat products
  • Temperature-sensitive products
  • Products not in “new” condition
  • Actual FBA products using manufacturer barcodes for tracking (commingled offers) instead of Amazon barcodes
  • ASINs that have been on Amazon.com for more than 90 days and have sold in the previous 4 weeks (or are expected to sell in the upcoming 4 weeks) fewer than 25 units

Amazon small and light fees

Fee type: Fee:

Order handling $0.90 per order, for products priced less than or equal to $6.00

Pick and pack $0.85 per unit

Weight handling $0.21 per oz

Packaging weight and unit 10 oz per unit, round up to the nearest whole oz)

  • Mixed orders containing products from both order types will be charged fees based on products priced greater than $6.00 and less than or equal to $8.00. Products with a sale price, greater than $8.00 will be charged regular FBA fees.
  • The packaging weight is the weight of the box and packing equipment. In FBA Small and Light, we use a systematic packaging weight of 0.8 oz for every package. In FBA, Amazon uses formalized packaging weights of 5 oz for standard-size media packages and 5 oz for standard-size non-media packages.
  • Long-term storage fees: To keep strategy costs low and help you focus on better-performing merchandise, the minimum long-term storage fee for Small and Light items is $0.35 per unit.

Is Amazon small and light worth it?

Amazon endows quantity discounts for some Small and Light items priced $6 and under that are in the Consumables sector.

These goods are eligible for a 5% discount for clients who order 3 or more. FBA covers the cost of the discount.

Is Amazon FBA Small and Light worth it?

Yes, it is worth using Amazon FBA Small and Light.

Having the prime badge on your Amazon Listing is a powerful Amazon Listing Optimization alternative to get more sales.

Having incredible goods and not selling is annoying, but conquering competitors and selling through the merchandise is intensely satisfying.


Amazon FBA Small and Light is an easy way that you can save on the costs of fulfillment if you’re selling small, cheap, and fast-moving goods. Sure, a dollar-per-unit (or even less) in savings is not much, but it sums up as you sell more units. Moreover, you can pass the savings onto your clients to help establish some brand loyalty.

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