Private labeling explained

A private-label product is manufactured by a third party but marketed under the name of a particular retailer. Most retailers are not unfamiliar with the practice of private labeling. While many customers are unaware of its existence, it is a common occurrence in today’s retail world. If you’ve ever been to Costco, you’re probably familiar with […]


Every seller’s first concern is where to get a supplier/manufacturer to supply the products they have decided to list on the market. One of the most popular places to find a variety of suppliers/manufacturers for different product categories. However, the market is quite large therefore, you have to be specific with what you want in […]


E-commerce trade is essentially based on trust- as a seller, you trust the supplier to give you products that meet your specifications; in the same way, your customers trust you to deliver products that conform to your description of the products in question. A certificate of conformance is an official recognition that a product possesses […]

Meet Amazon requirements to sell toys

Imagine selling toys on Amazon all year and then getting an email just before the holidays telling you that you don’t qualify to sell in the Toys and Games category during the fourth quarter (Q4) You must understand the criteria for selling toys during the holiday season so that you can keep your company running […]

Tips Amazon sellers need for negotiating with Chinese factories

So you’re about to sign an agreement with a Chinese company. Isn’t it frightening? No, there are only a few aspects to consider when dealing with any kind of supplier, as well as some cultural differences to be mindful of. This will be addressed at a later time. For the time being, let’s focus on […]


China is the most common product market for many Amazon sellers; however, you must know that you can source some products from other countries such as India. With its similarly large labor force and low labor costs, India has grown to be cited as alternative sourcing to China. WHY WOULD I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE SOURCE? […]

A tax ID to sell on Amazon

A Taxpayer Identification Number is an identifying number used for tax reasons in the United States and other countries under the Common Reporting Standard. A tax ID is used as a person’s security number. You do not need a tax ID to sell in the US but it is necessary to have a tax ID […]

Amazon FBA Small and Light

In my experience in over 10 years on Amazon, getting an active edge when it comes to shipping fees on Amazon is incredible. Could “small and light” be a solution? Getting an edge on Amazon FBA policies that all of your opponents may not be taking advantage of is the best. Amazon FBA Small and […]

Understanding Amazon FBA storage fees

One of the largest fees Amazon FBA sellers have to account for is warehouse fees. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon FBA storage fees and how they’re calculated. When you are a seller using Fulfillment by Amazon you get the benefit such as eligibility for Amazon Prime, not forgetting you don’t have to […]