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About Us

Excellent Service since 2010

From our inception we have been committed to following the most stringent inspection standards. By constant training and strict monitoring of our inspectors financial transactions we can ensure that your reports are never compromised.

We are further committed to helping you resolve simple issues that may arise from inspectors and mediate between you and the factory. Expert free of charge advise can also be given at the customer’s request.

Angel ChenAdministration Manager

With over 250 inspectors around the country and multiple inspections taking place at the same time everyday, coordination of inspection services is essential in ensuring our customers receive the best service. We run a tight ship and ensure that all inspections and reports are sent out on time.

Leo YinChina Country Manager

I have been a product inspector all my life. Attention to details and ensuring an unbiased and true view of the product is essential to maintaining our excellent level of service. I am committed to ensuring not only our customers investment is protected but also that a good solution to problematic orders is found


We continue to provide great service to our clients. We also continue to improve our abilities and capacity of our staff to ensure your products are properly ispected. Ensure you work with the professionals for Amazon product inspection.