Why amazon sellers suppliers hate product inspections.

Suppliers make up excuses to avoid inspection because they are not confident about the final produced products\’ quality and the inspection failure. You need to have a strategy in place to ensure you can counter these excuses during Amazon product inspections.

Below are a few excuses your supplier is giving you to avoid getting an inspection; listed are also solutions to solve these excuses:

Is there a lack of trust between inspection companies and factories?

1. The factory may say, \”We don\’t trust Inspection companies and have had poor experiences with them in the past. \”


Be clear from the onset that you are not willing to place an order unless an inspection company is involved. Assure them that your inspector is reliable and will ensure your needs are met.

Is your factory too busy for an inspection?

2. They may also say they don\’t have the time to have the inspection company visit


Plan ahead for the inspection with your factory. Let them know in advance that you will require an inspection and to schedule in the time.

Are quality control inspections too expensive?

3. They don\’t have enough money to hire an inspection company.


You will pay the inspection cost; however, if the product fails, they will pay the re-inspection and first inspection cost.

Should i rely on the factories previous Quality control tests on samples?

4. They had sent the inspection company samples before the production, and the final goods are the same as the sample. They claim an inspection is not needed. 


Tell your supplier that your interest is in the main batch, and even though the product sample has been inspected, you would like to verify the quality of the finished product. You are not willing to accept the product without an inspection.


Should i use my factories own quality control inspectors?

5. They have done an internal inspection quality control process, and they can do an inspection internally 


While you appreciate their high inspection control standards, you would like to work with a quality control company to verify that your needs have been met. 

Should the factory send you Videos and Pictures instead of an inspection?

6. They can send you the videos and pictures of the mass-produced goods for your approval, and an inspection is not needed. 


Explain to the factory that you are not a qualified inspector and cannot check the product for all quality and regulatory requirements. Also, explain that Pictures and videos are not a reliable form of evidence. The inspection company will physically check the products to help you figure out defects during the initial production processes and ensure a quality end product.

Will an inspection will delay your shipment?

7. An inspection will delay the shipment by a few days. 


Schedule the inspection well in advance and inform your factory about this. Mention that the inspection is in their best interest to ensure customer satisfaction, leading to more sales. 

Do i still need an inspection if my supplier has a good track record?

8. They regularly ship to Amazon/your markets and have never had any issues or inspections done in the past. None of their other clients have had any quality control issues 


While this may be true, you value high quality and need to make sure they meet your specific needs. Also, mention and show them that other amazon suppliers have had bad reviews; therefore, you do not want to fall in the same boat.

Will inspection damage my product packaging?

9. The factory may mention you would have to pay for repacking the goods if you get an inspection done.  


Ensure the factory is aware of the inspection before you place the order to factor in the repackaging of goods into the cost price. You can carry out a sample inspection to AQL standards, which will only check a small sample of the goods. This will reduce package damage and give a good picture of the whole batch.

How to inspect a factory in a remote area?

10. The factory is too far, and it will be too difficult for your inspector to visit a very remote area. 


Hiring an incredible inspection company for quality control inspections of products exported from China can make a big impact on your company\’s brand image and profitability.

The inspection company services remote areas, and they will send someone out no matter how remote it is.

How can Inspectaman help?

At Inspectaman, we are a certified, independent, and licensed quality control company that works on your behalf.

Our inspectors can be onsite within 24 hours and can provide you with an inspection report on that exact day.


We will always represent your company\’s best interests in the supply chain.

As a comprehensive inspection and quality control provider, we make sure that we cover criteria for product dimension, overall appearance, functionality, performance, and durability.

These are just some of the excuses and solutions most factories would give to avoid inspection. Always remember it is always important to have your products inspected.

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