As soon as arrangements regarding production with your manufacturer are concluded, you will probably be looking for an inspection service within China. 

Lucky for you, we have made your job a little easier by listing down inspection services in China. Based on our recent research, the top 10 best inspection services in China include; Inspectaman, V-Trust Inspection Services, China Certification and Inspection Company, Qi Sheng Inspection Technology Company, Veritell Inspection Certification Company, Heng Li Inspection Service, Qingdao Pinji Inspection Company, Topwin Inspections, Suzhou Xispek Inspection Limited and Zhongbei Inspection Company.

According to our research, Inspectaman is the best and most trusted out of all these inspection services. This list was compiled based on their customer service, goodwill, coverage, cost and service delivery. 

Here is some information about each of these inspection services;

INSPECTAMAN Inspection Service

This inspection service has been operating in China for over 10years. By this mere fact, you are assured that you will be dealing with experts in the inspection service at a cost as low as $165. Additionally, Inspectaman provides coverage for all cities in China, thereby making them a reliable inspection service provider. 


V-Trust is an inspection service with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China. They have offices in about 20 cities within China. An outstanding factor about V-Trust is that they have one of the fastest responses and customer inquiries and queries. They provide you with all the information you need as you decide to book with them. Additionally, their charges are already inclusive of travelling costs and you will not encounter any other hidden fees other than the ones they will make known to you. Below is a screenshot of a small inquiry we made to them just to prove this point. As you can see, the response was given in just seconds of inquiry and the response covers all aspects of the inquiry made. With such good customer service, you are assured they would render a good inspection service too.


This is an Accredited Type A Inspection body that owns an Accredited laboratory that ensures unbiased, standardized and reliable inspection services. It enjoys a reputation for providing comprehensive quality control services to international clients for over 30 years. Additionally, CCIC is formally registered in the Bureau of Industry and Commerce of Mainland China thereby proving the qualifications of all the inspectors working in the company. 


Also known as QST Inspection Company, Qi Sheng is another cost-effective inspection service in China and has well-trained engineers distributed in major cities of China. QST Inspection Company is also known for providing reliable, comprehensive and flexible quality control services to its customers for over 10 years. Additionally, QST Inspection Company offers its long-term customers even better inspection service prices.


This is one of China’s leading quality control service providers which secures and manages global supply chains of importers and manufacturers. Its headquarters are in Beijing, China and has about 30 branches covering most cities in China. This makes it one of the best as it is likely that your manufacture is within those 30 cities covered by Veritell. Additionally, Veritell offers a range of inspection, certification and consultation services that could be useful to all importers especially first-time customers.


Commonly known as HL Inspection Company, Heng Li is an independent third-party quality assurance company whose goal is to function as an extension of your own company. HengLi Inspection Services is located in Ningbo, China and is known for its cost-effective services.


This inspection company has been in business for more than 10 years and therefore possesses a great amount of experience in inspection. It has 5 port offices in North China and is thus ideal for any importer having their products manufactured in North China. Additionally, the company is known for the quick delivery of inspection reports, which are given within 24hrs of inspection.


This is one of the reputable cooperative inspection services in China with over 100 inspectors, auditors and mechanical engineers specialised by industry. With this team of specialised personnel, you are assured that regardless of the type of product being manufactured, they are the right company to hire for your quality control inspection. 


This is an inspection company that offers advanced technical inspection services. It is located in Jiangsu Province of China. It is an ideal inspection service for fields of food, beer, medical and beverage production lines. Therefore, if you are having such products manufactured in China, ensure to utilise their advanced technologies to have a look at the quality of your products.


This inspection company is located in Guangdong, China. It is a newly established company but has had an impact with markets penetrating through to Europe and North America. Zhongbei Inspection Company has proven to be a reliable and professional inspection service provider with a quick response rate.

There is a need for you to hire an inspection service regardless of the type of products being manufactured. This article has provided a list of renowned inspection services at your disposal if you are having your products manufactured from China. Therefore, depending on how much time you have at your disposal, and the location of your manufacturer, be sure to contact any of the listed inspection services to ensure you receive the best quality products. Inspection services that provide coverage for all cities in China, like, will be your first option as a location will not hinder you from receiving the best inspection service.

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