When it comes to online selling, it is no surprise that miscommunication between the supplier and the buyer happens. For this reason, it is essential to create a product inspection checklist that comes in to accurately communicate the seller’s specifications regarding the products being manufacturedIt usually includes specifications on the packaging, labelling, appearance, functions, measurements, and barcodes verification of all consignment products.

Some sellers are likely to overlook the significance of the product inspection checklist and regret it. Below are valuable points you must have in mind regarding the importance of a product inspection checklist;

  1. Effectively Communicates Your Expected Quality to Your Manufacturer

As stated earlier, likely, what you communicate to your manufacturer is not the quality your manufacturer will have in mind. Therefore, by providing a detailed checklist, you are assured that any possible miscommunications between you and your manufacturer are clarified before shipment can take place.

2. Serves as Evidence of Your Specifications

In an event where the manufacturer still delivers a consignment of goods that do not meet the agreed specifications that you gave them, furnishing your manufacturer and your inspection service with a copy of the checklist will act as evidence of your specifications.

By doing so, you have leverage against your manufacturer and sufficient ground to have a refund or have other remedial action taken. Additionally, this evidence reduces the likelihood of you being forced to receive a consignment of goods with standards that do not match your specifications.

3. Acts as a Guide for Your Inspection Company 

As rightly put by inspectaman.com, your third party inspection service has no connection with your manufacturer but merely comes in to verify your product specifications. Although your inspection service provider is more experienced in product inspection, you must not assume your inspection service provider knows what aspects to look at during the inspection. 

Providing your inspection service provider with a detailed product inspection checklist helps the inspection company know what to pay close attention to during inspection. Therefore, since you know what you want, make mention of it to your inspection service to ensure you get the best service.

Additionally, your inspection service is not as well informed as you are regarding minimum quality standards in your country. Therefore providing specifications on standard requirements in your checklist ensures your products meet these requirements.

4. It helps you to Identify Important Features in your product.

As you compile a checklist, your mind opens up to features you might not have had in mind when placing your order. Therefore, a product inspection checklist also benefits you as you learn about your product’s essential elements, whether strengths or possible weaknesses in your product. For instance, as you create your checklist, you will look at reviews from similar products to identify weaknesses you will not want reflecting in your product.

Below is a screenshot of a negative review that points out a weakness you may want to build on in a competitive product.

From the image above, you, as a competitor working on your checklist, are aware of a possible design flaw, which is a weakness. You will then ensure to communicate this to your inspection service and manufacturer are made by including it in your checklist. Your strengths will be reflected as what you want to see in the product whereas your weaknesses will reflect on what you do not wish to see in your product.

5. Quickens the shipment of other like-consignments 

For regular importers having the same products manufactured from the same factory, having an already established, detailed checklist of your specific requirements quickens the shipment of other subsequent consignments. 

This is so because you will not spend extra time constructing a separate checklist for like-products. Your inspection service provider and manufacturer already know your specifications regarding the products. However, should you require changes in the subsequent consignment, furnish both your manufacturer and inspection service with an updated checklist.


Therefore, it is vital to provide a comprehensive inspection checklist to ensure you receive the best quality products delivered to you. Also, be sure to work with your inspection service provider in creating a better list, as they may be aware of some critical areas that you may overlook. A reliable inspection service, such as Inspectaman.com, will provide you with tips on creating your product inspection checklist. 

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