Product inspection is an essential part of business for any importer. It ensures all errors are rectified before the products can be shipped to you. It is easy for you to select a reliable inspection service, but I’m sure you wonder about these quality control inspectors‘ traits.

The quality control inspectors are your eyes and ears, thus, the final result of the shipped products must reflect your expectations.

Some of the essential traits that these inspectors must possess include; the ability to speak English coupled with good communication skills, attention to detail, integrity, and technical knowledge.

All these traits will be discussed below:


Considering the fact that the quality control inspectors act as your eyes and ears, communication skills are an important trait they must possess. They must be able to let you know what is going on and also be able to communicate any problems in good time. 

Communication also includes comprehension, therefore, the inspector must be able to understand your specifications in order to ensure their work is done correctly and your products are delivered based on your specifications.

Additionally, the inspector must be able to voice out concerns and queries regarding the instructions given to them by you and the inspection service they work for.


This is a key trait in all quality control inspectors as they are required to be very observant and detail-oriented. An inspector who pays attention to detail is able to pick out any minor defects in a product that the manufacturer hopes they do not notice.


Integrity mainly speaks to honestly and the ability to resist being bribed into doing something less than you are required. In this case, considering that your inspector may have to set aside part of your manufacturer’s products for not meeting the standards you expect, it is likely that he/she may be bribed by the manufacturer to make the work easier and deliver substandard products. Therefore, integrity is a key trait to resist the temptation of being bought off by the manufacturer should the products not meet your specifications.

The inspector must therefore remain honest and objective and not allow any surrounding circumstances to influence their report findings.


This does not refer to specific technical knowledge on the products to be inspected but rather, basic technical skills regarding computer skills, measurements, and familiarization with technology such as digital cameras and smartphones to make work and communication easier.

Computer skills are particularly needed for data collection and report writing and delivery, whereas familiarity with measurements will be needed throughout the inspection process to ensure compliance with your specific weight and size of the product.


From these basic traits, you must be confident in the quality of inspectors we send out to the factories you wish the inspection service to be provided. Inspectors that are of high integrity, possess good communication skills, have the basic technical know-how, and pay attention to detail are unlikely to ship out faulty products. 

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