If you are an online seller, then you know, gone are the days when taking product images with your phone at home was a thing. Selling on Amazon requires you to know just how important the visuals of your products are. Great product photos don’t just show your customers what they’re getting – they also reveal little details and help them to make a purchase. With that said, most sellers think product photography cost is a simple and straightforward process but they don’t realize that even an outwardly simple photo (e.g. white background) involves a lot of work.

This article calls to attention the cost of amazon photography and also looks at the cost of amazon photography for different product photography companies.


It’s without a doubt that amazon sellers need product photography, but how can you know how much you should pay for amazon photography?

Well, amazon product photography prices can not be bundled into a single fixed price because each photography project has individual requirements and photographers have several different variables to consider to determine the cost of photography.

Some of the variables are listed below;

Location and setting

The location of a shoot can greatly influence the cost of photography. Shooting a product in a studio is more cost-effective because there is no need for the photographer to move the equipment, look for a perfect set, and can easily control the lighting and background.

An outdoor location requires more effort and commitment. When shooting outside, the quality of light always changes according to weather, so a photographer has to carry specialist equipment to take control of inconsistent changes in the environment, hence making the price high.

Some products require a set before the product can be photographed. A few simple examples of product categories that can require sets include food and household decorative products. These sets can range from simple to elaborate. Sets take the time to design and construct and therefore can have a significant impact on product photography pricing.

However, real locations and real sets/props add genuineness to the product and the customer’s interaction with the product is different compared to photos produced from a studio setting.

Type of product

The type of products hugely affects the pricing factor. If your product requires tabletop photography then it will cost you relatively less than bigger products, bigger products take longer to work on. The editing for smaller products is also less and thus they cost less. The products that come in pieces and require complex photography will cost more than other products. Additionally, the product material can also make shooting more challenging, especially if it’s made of metal, glass, or similarly reflective surfaces. When shooting shiny objects, lighting is much more difficult to manipulate and usually takes longer. Additional editing of unwanted reflections may also be necessary which will require more time, as always time is money.

Number of images and type of photography

The number of images and the type of photography can also influence the pricing of photography. The more images the photographer has to capture, the more image work he has to. Projects with fewer images cost less in most photography companies because fewer images do not require a lot of work and time to produce.

Another factor that could influence the cost of images is the type of images (3D render, 360 and hero images). The cost of hero images is usually lower compared to 3D rendered images and 360 images. This is because hero images only require the photographer to capture the images on a white background at a specific angle without having to do all the extra work that is required to produce a 3D render or 360 Degrees image.

To determine the cost of amazon product photography, we looked at the pricing on the websites of some of the top photography companies that offer Amazon Product Photography, including our very own, Speedy pro photos.

Speedy Pro Photos

Speedy Pro Photos Is a highly experienced photography studio in Shenzhen, China, that has been helping many amazon sellers achieve amazing photography for their products at a very low rate and in the shortest time possible. 

At Speedy pro photos, we believe Amazon Product Photography is more than just putting a few photos together. It takes a team of highly qualified product photographers with a history with Amazon to achieve the best results. We are also focused on offering different solutions for amazon sellers depending on your requirements and budget. Whether you are looking for a product photography studio in the USA or China, we have you covered.

How much does amazon photography cost with speedy pro photos?

Just like many amazon photography companies, at Speedy Pro Photos, we have priced our amazon photography packages according to the number of images, types of images, set, and props needed for each shoot. Our prices range from as low as $29 for a single image to as high as $1,299 for 9 images with a real model/ scene.

The screenshots (below) obtained from the speedy pro photos website show the different package prices for edited photography and model photography

The prices for edited (photoshopped) photography

The prices for real model/ scene photography

POW! photography

Pow photography is a state art photography studio located in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor in the Northcenter neighbourhood of Chicago and has been operating since 2010. They are a 7500 sq ft full-size catalogue photography studio designed to hold 15 professional shooting bays. They use top of the line camera equipment with custom-designed sets with 7 awesome photographers creating 200 photos a day.

How much does amazon photography cost with POW! Photography?

The image below shows the photography pricing according to the Pow! Photography website, as the screenshot shows, the pricing photography is influenced by the number of images a client needs

Ellite studios

Ellite studios is simply the best photography studio located in Zhejiang Province, China with a photographer named Franklin Jones who has been a product photographer for over 15 years. He started a studio in Shanghai, China to bring help with his services and expertise to the growing eCommerce business. Before this, he worked on large design and retail product photography projects for multinational brands like Coca-Cola, Honda and Cadbury. Franklin and his team have worked with hundreds of Amazon sellers to produce Amazon Photos for their listings.

How much does amazon photography cost with Ellite studios?

The screenshots below show the Ellite studios pricing ranges from as low as $27 to as high as $469 which is influenced by the number of images and type of photography.

Product Photo

The product photo Studio is specially designed and outfitted with professional cameras, lighting, reflectors, diffusers, softboxes, props, and all the tools needed to allow their team to take the very best product photos. When their eCommerce photography studio is combined with the experience and passion of their product photographers and post-production team they have everything needed to make your product look its very best. Their studio utilizes the latest in photographic and digital technology. Their fully streamlined process allows them to produce a high-quality product in a streamlined process, which in turn allows them to pass on the savings to you. Their post-production editing process is state of the art. They use professional-grade displays and calibrate their monitors regularly using the very latest in advanced colour calibration tools. Their photo studio is set up to provide highly accurate colour reproduction which is essential for creating the best possible product pictures. 

How much does amazon photography cost with Product Photo?

The image below shows the photography pricing according to the Product Photo website, as the screenshot shows, the pricing of photography is influenced by the number of images a client needs.


Product is a photography studio based in Las Vegas. They specialize in white background product photography for websites, online stores, the Amazon marketplace, print, and more. Since their start in 2003, they’ve worked with thousands of clients worldwide ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. They’ve built great relationships with their clients, many they’ve been working with regularly for over 10 years. They have spent over a decade perfecting their process to make it easy to work with them no matter your location. 

How much does amazon photography cost with Product

The images below are screenshots of their amazon photography pricing of the classic packages and unlimited packages from their website.

The Classic Packages-  the most popular services combined in three affordable packages.

The Unlimited Packages- complete freedom to choose from any combination of services

Product photography firm

Photography Firm is located in South Downs National Park in England, it was founded in 2009 by Andrew & Helen Perris. The firm is run by Andrew, Helen, Mike and Gemma.

Andrew has worked as a commercial photographer for over 30 years, working for several household brands and all industries including interiors, catalogue & fashion, publishing & product photography. He now directs the team of photographers in South Downs National Park and oversees all shoots. Andrew also manages the training that they offer to clients who wish to carry out in-house photography.

Helen has worked in both graphic design & product photography for nearly 20 years, for clients that include Marks & Spencer, First Choice Holidays Plc and Royal & SunAlliance as well as countless small independent businesses. Helen manages all studio photography & art directs as well as works on a small number of design projects for selected clients.

Mike heads up the image retouching department, working full time on fashion, product food & interiors shoot, as well as images for our stock libraries. They also have several specialist retouchers who they call on specifically for jewellery shoots, beauty and skin work or colour matching.

Gemma works alongside the rest of the team managing the studio and keeping the day-to-day operations running smoothly. Their additional team are either part-time or freelance, keeping their production infinitely scalable for larger volume projects.

How much does amazon photography cost with Photography Firm?

According to their website, the price for amazon photography ranges from $254.90 – $2,411.24. The list below shows their amazon package prices.


The basic package yields 7 white background images cost $254.90 (£185.00 + VAT) and the cost of 7 white background images including 2 standard infographics is $323.79 (£235.00 + VAT) 


The standard package yields 7 images with a combination of white background images, studio lifestyle images and text overlays. This package does not include real locations,set or models and costs $682.04 (£495.00 + VAT). The other standard package yields 7 images with a combination of white background images, lifestyle images and text overlays plus Location / Full room set included but no models and costs $819.82 (£595.00 + VAT)

PREMIUM LISTING PACKAGE $1,308.96 (£950.00 + VAT)

The premium package yields 7 images with a combination of white background and lifestyle images (plus additional lifestyle images for use in extended listings) shot on location, including a professional model.


The last package is the Premium package with a video, this yields 7 images with a combination of white background and lifestyle images (plus additional lifestyle images for use in extended listings) shot on location, including professional model. The Amazon Video – Filmed alongside the location shoot with additional videographer on-site, including editing, music and simple text overlays, with a final video length up to 30 seconds.


Even though it’s almost impossible to determine the actual cost of amazon photography, looking at the prices of some of the best Amazon product photography companies, it is safe to say that depending on your requirements, amazon photography can cost from as low as $7 to as high as $2,411. Although professional Amazon photography may be expensive, is it essential in creating a successful business. And how that you have a better understanding of how the pricing works and the various factors that influence it., you should be able to set a budget and choose a photographer.

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