As you start your business as a seller on Amazon, you ought to do a quick search on what products to sell and which of these products will actually be profitable to sell. Deciding on the products to sell is an essential part of e-commerce trading as your audience is much wider. 

The right products will increase your sales and ranking on Amazon listings, which will be beneficial to your business portfolio.

In order to help you make a decision on what to sell, Amazon provides tools such as Nugetfind, which helps sellers know what products are selling well and also provide detailed information about the product. Amongst the many products sold on Amazon, books, baby items, electronics, kitchen accessories, and toys have proved to be some of the best products you can sell on Amazon. 

Below are a few more tips on why these are the best products you can sell.


Both buyers and sellers on Amazon have an extreme interest in this item because good old-fashioned printed books are still popular. Books are readily available at retail stores, garage sales, and wholesalers, that is why they are so easy to source. Books have a large profit margin, and this makes them great for virtually any seller.

Additionally, with the advent of e-books, physical copies of books are becoming a little hard to find for a true reader who wants the real feeling of the printed books. Therefore, as a seller, you will make quick sales and profit by making the old-fashioned print books readily available for worldwide readers.


Selling baby items is very good for business, this is because baby items are cheap to ship because they do not weigh much, and they are lightweight. Secondly, they are always in high demand as babies are born every second and need constant care as they grow. For instance, a newly born baby would require a bed to sleep and a rattle to help them remain calm, as they grow they would require a stroller, eventually, they would require a baby walker. 



New gadgets get released all the time, and so many people are always interested in getting themselves the latest gadgets and electronic accessories. There is still plenty of potentials even though this category may seem a little saturated. You could definitely build a successful business if you stay on top of the trends and continue to keep yourself on track with the latest gadgets and accessories. 


It is a great time to sell kitchen accessories because more and more people are paying attention to what they eat. Simple accessories like knives, ladles, spatulas, and placemats are always on demand. You can also supply kitchen items that make kitchen operations easy, for instance, potato peelers, fish scalers, or unique strainers. 

An added advantage with kitchen accessories is that these products are small, lightweight, and easy to ship, meaning you can keep your expenses low.


One thing about toys is that they are not limited to children’s toys only, but also extend to family toys. This issue to the fact there will always be someone seeking to make a child happy and busy, and maybe someone looking for unplugged entertainment for the entire family. A great area for individual sellers is by sticking to small toys like board games, dolls, and card games. You could sell toys for different age groups in order to cover all kinds of toys and games under your business.


Although this is an overcrowded category, clothes, shoes, and jewelry remain a profitable category of goods to sell on Amazon. However, you must ensure you actually provide something unique for the buyers in order for you to stand out.


You must take note of the fact that Amazon doesn’t allow you to sell any kind of product. This is because of policies that must be followed, for example, Amazon will not allow you to sell products that are regulated by national authorities.

Below are more specific examples of items that you can not sell on Amazon:


•Animals or animal-related products 


•Dietary supplements


•Laser products

•Jewelry and precious gems 

•Human parts and burial artifacts 

•Food and beverages 

•Explosives and weapons 


The most important part of building a very successful business is by choosing the type of product you are going to sell on Amazon. With the aid of the tips above and the use of Nugetfind, the product research tool offered by Amazon, you will not have any problem with finding great items or products to successfully sell online.

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