Difference between a trading company and factory

What is the concept of a trading company? A trading firm, also known as a vendor, acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, but it is not involved in the ownership or production of the goods sold. When searching on websites such as Alibaba and Global Sources, you may discover that the majority of the companies […]

Defects to look for during a fabric inspection

Fabric flaws should never be discovered in any of your goods by your customers. These flaws will never surprise you or your customers if you are aware of them. This is why fabric inspection is imperative. When you visit your supplier’s factory as a clothing importer, you’re probably thinking of one thing: customer satisfaction when […]


A factory visit is an opportunity for you as an Amazon seller to verify and evaluate your supplier’s capabilities to manufacture the goods you asked them to produce. Factory visits also strengthen your relationship with your supplier and lead to better communication and improved product quality. However, there are a few things that you must […]