How to Make a Prototype In China?

Making a prototype is an important step in developing a new product. A prototype is a similar representation of the final product. A prototype is an essential step between design and production for your product. It aids in the testing and validation of the specification prior to mass production. Designers’ concepts are brought to life […]

How to ship from China to Amazon FBA

Introduction Transportation from China to Amazon FBA can be confusing, particularly if you’re new to Amazon. The various options and regulations tend to overwhelm even the experienced FBA sellers on Amazon. It is quite difficult to use, but it’s important. And with a step-by-step guide, this article will help you to understand the entire process. […]


Getting Good quality products from suppliers who are halfway around the globe is no easy feat. You will need loads of time, money, and a heart to bear the risk of anything going wrong. Let’s not forget to include the codes and certifications your product will need that your supplier might not be bothered to […]


As an Amazon Seller, you have chosen your third-party inspection company, and they inspected your product, you have received your report, and your products have passed the assessment. You have made your final decision based on the information, so what next? Your product will need a Third-party inspection certificate.  A Pre Shipment Inspection Certificate is […]