Factory Audit


The best way to vet a supplier. We check if they have the skill, machinery, labor material and licenses to manufacture your product.

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    Please note that we perform a standard AQL inspection test according to international standards which means we take a sample of your products to determine the quality of the whole batch. Below is a table of how many products we inspect. Attach contract or product specifications. If you have a specification document or contract please insert it here.

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    PO QTY means product quantity
    Ck Quality means number of pieces checked
    All order below 500 50 pieces will be checked

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Inspection will be carried out at the location provided by you. Any incorrect inspection details that result in a failed inspection are non refundable.

We cannot guarantee the corporation of factories during the inspection. We will report the tests they refuse to carry out on the product.

Inspection services are limited to one product per inspection. If you have multiple products at one factory then please order separate inspections.

Failed products re-inspection costs are to be met by you the customer.

We are not liable by any damage incurred to your product during the inspection and whilst conducting checks.

Comprehensive and special requests must be presented to us before hand.

Please note that our inspections only take a small sample of your product in most circumstances depending on quantity 10% of your products. For a full comprehensive inspection please contact us.

We strive to be impartial and present information to you as we get it from the inspection. We are not liable for any misrepresentation or deception on the factories part.

If for some reason an inspection fails to take place due to bad weather or other circumstances, another inspection will be scheduled.

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