Meet Amazon requirements to sell toys

Imagine selling toys on Amazon all year and then getting an email just before the holidays telling you that you don\’t qualify to sell in the Toys and Games category during the fourth quarter (Q4)

You must understand the criteria for selling toys during the holiday season so that you can keep your company running smoothly when the season arrives. 

This article will walk you through all of the approval tips and instructions you\’ll need to sell toys on Amazon. 

However, first…

What Makes Toys So Famous on Amazon? 

As most people think about being Amazon sellers, toys are normally the first category they look at. 

It was, after all, my first Amazon sale.

That\’s because they sell well all year on Amazon, but particularly in the fourth quarter. 

You will make a killing during this time if you can find cheap ones to sell and make margins on.

The following are some of the key reasons they sell so well on Amazon: 

  • Amazon is a well-known retailer with a high level of customer confidence. It\’s the first place most people think of when they want to buy toys. The days of going to Toys R Us are long gone. 
  • Amazon does not sell any kind of toy available. This opens up a lot of doors for savvy sellers who can fill in the gaps and make a profit. 
  • And when Amazon sells toys, the store always runs out of stock during the fourth quarter. That\’s when you\’ll find desperate Prime customers willing to pay double or even triple the price of an item simply because they don\’t realize Amazon sells the same item for less.
  • Another factor toys sell well on Amazon is that there are a plethora of resources available to assist you in finding the best prices on toys to resell on the website and increase the profit margins. 

Now that you know why toys sell so well on Amazon, it\’s time to learn everything you need to know about selling toys and games on the site.

Amazon\’s Toy Sales Requirements for Q4:

  1. By September, you would have made your first Amazon sale, which does not have to be in the Toys and Games category. 
  2. Between August and October, you must have processed and delivered 25 or more seller-fulfilled orders.

These two requirements are simple to meet, and the limitations only extend from November to January. You can sell toys on Amazon for free for the rest of the year. 

Furthermore, the limitations only apply to goods in the Toys and Games category, so you can still merchant-fulfill items from other categories.

How to verify the status of your account 

Go to the Performance tab > Account Health in Seller Central to keep track of these indicators. 

You\’ll be able to monitor all three main metrics on this page: 

  • Rate of Order Defects 
  • Level of late shipments 
  • Fulfillment in advance Rate of Cancellation

Why does Amazon want holiday sales in the ‘Toys & Games\’ category? 

The holidays are by far Amazon\’s and retail\’s busiest season, so they\’re doing all they can to meet and surpass consumer standards. 

If you\’ve been selling on Amazon for a while or regularly shop there, you already know how customer-focused the company is. They\’re a consumer\’s dream, with their easy return policy, 24/7 customer support, and lightning-fast free delivery. 

What I\’m trying to mean is that Amazon is all about customer loyalty and happiness. Customers are shopping more than ever at this time of year, and they are much less tolerant of errors and delays.

Amazon is wary of merchants who haven\’t proved themselves to be rockstar sellers. Amazon has built its company on fast delivery, and they want to keep it that way. 

Consider this: if you ordered a gift for anyone on Amazon and it didn\’t arrive on time, would you blame the seller or Amazon?

How to market toys in the Amazon gift category when meeting Amazon\’s holiday requirements 

If you want to hit these criteria but haven\’t merchant-filled many orders this year, here are a few pointers to help you meet the 25 FBM order threshold.

  • Resell low-cost goods from supermarkets. 

To begin, go to a retail store like Walmart. Then, using your Amazon seller app — or some other scanning app you want — begin scanning the shelves. Finally, look for things that you can buy for a low price and resell on Amazon. Retail arbitrage is the term for this. One of the best features of the Amazon seller app is that it displays the number of sellers on the listing. It will also inform you whether any FBA deals are available; check for listings that do not have any FBA offers. You won\’t have to compete for the Buy Box with an FBA seller this way. 

Do you have some old books lying around? Scrutinize those as well to see how much they sell for on Amazon!

I understand that this is better said than done. The point is to simply find low-cost products that you can easily flip and ship yourself to fulfill this requirement. Even if you just break even, having the chance to merchant-fulfill toys during the final weeks of the holiday season would be worthwhile. 

  • Your FBA offer will be paused when an FBM offer is enabled

You can pause your FBA offer and replace it with an FBM offer if you are selling private label or wholesale goods and have some spare inventory at your house/warehouse. If you are the only seller on the listing, this works well. Since your FBM bid would take the place of the FBA offers in the Buy Box, this is the case. 

Carry on like this until you\’ve received 25 FBM orders.

Note: Because your conversion rate will suffer if your listing no longer offers Prime shipping, just do this if you\’re sure your listing will return to normal once your FBA inventory becomes available again.


If you want to sell toys on Amazon during the fourth quarter, use the approval tips in this article as a guide to ensure that your business runs smoothly during the busy season. 

After all, the fourth quarter is the most profitable time of the year for toy retailers. Also, remember to use a platform like Nugetfind to assist you in finding the best and most lucrative toy offers.

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