With An average of 11 million logins per day. Reddit is becoming a very popular social media platform and because of the rise in online businesses, this year several Amazon sellers can not ignore the traffic and knowledge they can get from using Reddit.

Reddit has communities known as subreddits and they are a very helpful place to learn about Amazon, Amazon FBA, and to get tips from seasoned sellers that are a part of these subreddits. Amazon Sellers, Mentors, Employees, and even Newbies are on various subreddits where they share knowledge about being successful on Amazon.

The Subreddits are filled with discussions that are enlightening about the Amazon platform. 

Let\’s have a look at some types of subreddits you can subscribe to on Reddit and how each Subreddit will help you learn how to tell on Amazon.


This subreddit has close to 58,000 subscribers and hundreds of these are active at any given time. It is a great source of the latest Amazon news, updates, and articles together with plenty of personal posts from sellers on just about every topic. 

There are weekly Question and Answer (Q&A) threads where you have the leverage to ask questions, allowing you to let your \’freak flag fly\’ with even the simplest questions without being ridiculed for not knowing basic answers.

This subreddit does not take away from the Amazon site for policies and rules but it is user-friendly and an easy way of learning Amazon general concepts. It will also help you balance out the technical side with the creative, helping you think up content and product ideas, too.

This Subreddit will help you with hands-on information about the overall Amazon seller experience and keep you updated with the Amazon day-to-day news and information, meaning while you have fun on the site you are also not leaving your business behind. 


With a carousel of the month’s hottest posts at the top, this Subreddit has over half a million subscribers and more than one thousand are active at any time you log in.

This subreddit does not only focus on Amazon but has subreddits from different e-commerce platforms come together including Amazon sellers and because of this, there are so many posts made to the subreddit at a time that you may need to search a particular topic for you to find what you are looking for.

However, even the old-fashioned way of searching through the posts is still helpful because it has a spectrum of topic submissions. You are almost automatically bound to get your answer on a post or stumble upon a discussion with an answer on it. 

Apart from the useful posts, every Wednesday they have a pinned thread known as ‘Wantrepreneur Wednesday’ where upcoming entrepreneurs that are new businesses get to ask whatever questions are on their mind concerning the type of business they want to pursue. To avoid redundancy in your questioning, make sure to check if your question has been answered before. 

This thread makes the Subreddit so popular hence it having a lot of subscribers from all walks of life joining it daily. With this subreddit, you are geared to go!


Compared to the other two, this subreddit is much smaller in size but it has an incredibly dedicated Moderator. The Moderator always posts links and articles that help one with all things Amazon FBA.

You will also find personalised posts, like the Moderator’s best listing optimisation, updates on best selling products, optimisation strategies, successes and failures too, how to generate product ideas and mistakes you should avoid as you begin your Amazon journey. 

You will also find links to articles designed to get you thinking about concepts you wouldn\’t normally come up with as they give you a well-rounded FBA education.  

Because of the nature of this subreddit, it is easier to find useful information on Amazon FBA that will get you Kickstarter without much difficulty. 


This subreddit has an array of ideas for products that you can sell for under 25$, it gives you an easy look into what your buyers are interested in; specific product names that you can add to your list.

There is a wide range of product genres posted by various users, so you will not be stuck on one genre, making this subreddit an amazing source of ideas if you are looking for products to sell since buyers tend to gravitate towards cheaper products.

You will find product ideas posted almost every hour by sellers who have had experience selling them or are currently selling them. These are products that are making good profits and are on the market. 


This subreddit is designed for discussions on everything that is involved with selling on Amazon, whether you’re there to find out about a bad experience, ask for advice on a particular topic or you want to learn from others that are similar or different from you, this subreddit has it all covered.

It will be pretty shocking to find a topic that is not being discussed on this subreddit, the subscribers\’ posts are well written and detailed while other users are dedicated to responding in kind by commenting on the posts so that you get a good idea of personal experiences about selling on Amazon. 

The subreddit can keep you glued to Redditor for so many hours and you will not even realize it, so if you are looking for a subreddit that will fascinate you you just found it!


This is a very weird subreddit but very helpful if you want to branch out to a less competitive niche category. However, the only criterion is that your products should be weird, crazy, and unique.

If you are looking for mental peace as you sell this is the subreddit to be on as the subscribers also post about mental health and mental peace topics.


With more than 250k subscribers, the Small Business subreddit is another large Amazon FBA community that focuses on different types of business structures and ideas. 

This site focuses on small businesses that constitute small teams of employees that deliver little assistance for the FBA online business instead of focusing on large business

 opportunities in the e-commerce platforms.

It provides you with information on various topics; ranging from leasing commercial space, Amazon marketing, hiring new staff, and more similar topics to grow your business as a whole. 


This Amazon FBA subreddit focuses on people who are just planning about taking a step into Amazon\’s private label selling or trying out Amazon FBA.

Looking at it from a broader scale point of view, this subreddit does not provide a lot of helpful information and comprehensive details on selling on Amazon because there are fewer chances of having seasoned Amazon sellers visiting such a small community.

However, if you\’re looking to start an Amazon FBA business and plan what to sell to make it successful, we advise you use a product research tool to find viable product ideas. 

And of course, our number one tool recommendation is Nugetfind because we know beyond doubt that we provide the best services and golden nuggets that are ready to be mined.

The Process

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  • Listing Building; When you give us access to your Amazon listing and we will help you build your listing.
  • Customer Service: Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions about your Amazon journey and we will be more than happy to share resources and knowledge to help you!

Here is why you will need to work with us; 

Your competition does not have the right insight and professionals we have on our team to give you the best-researched product possible. They are simply selling what a simple software is telling them, which essentially it is telling at least 100 other people on the same day.

It puts you at an advantage against your competitors because unlike them you get information on products that less than 10 people know about at a time. 

We make use of amazon software as well as good old-fashioned research and market analysis. The software is up to date with the times and technology so our research is detailed and accurate.

We also have on-board accounting, marketing, and legal specialists who all have input into the product. With us on your product research, you do not need to worry about illegal methods of research. We will Carter for all your product research needs while you focus on growing your business.

So let the experts do all the work while you concentrate on the more important business tasks.


This Amazon FBA subreddit focuses on people who are just planning about taking a step into Amazon\’s private label selling or trying out Amazon FBA.

Looking at it with a broader view, this subreddit does not provide a lot of helpful information and comprehensive details on selling on Amazon because there are fewer chances of having seasoned Amazon sellers visiting such a small community.


This subreddit has over 46,000 subscribers so expect more answers to your questions than you get in other subreddits and although, it seems like most online sellers are on other subreddits this particular subreddit may provide the specific tips you need to run your business more successfully.

Although FBA goes beyond basic e-commerce, you still can find some posts about it on this subreddit and since Reddit covers such a great range of topics, you will, without doubt, find personal posts about the FBA vendor program in other places too.


The subscriber numbers on this subreddit are low and the posts are not so frequent, but even though it may seem less active than the others it gives information about finding products to sell. 

If you are interested in expanding your company\’s product lines or inventory or you are just a beginner it is an excellent resource to search through for tips. 

The upside to the community having infrequent posts is that when you want to read through, you may not miss posts at all. you can read all existing posts in one or two seatings and still grasp some important information and some of these posts may even be from the Moderator of the subreddit.  


This subreddit has over 90,000 subscribers but it does not have a high volume of comments on most posts and this could be because it does not explicitly focus on the Amazon FBA program, Instead, it has general information and examples of how people get into the business and build them up from a regular monthly paycheck.

The posts on this subreddit provide general business and sales advice and information but not specific to Amazon, so as earlier emphasised if you need specific information you may need to search the Amazon site to get more information.

And Since the Amazon FBA program requires a collection of such unique and different steps, figuring out how to succeed at each step can take time and a lot of mistakes. Therefore, when searching through the subreddits on Reddit, brainstorm a lot of keywords or phrases that can get you what you may want.

so whether you are sourcing merchandise in China, Look up the \”Chinese importing\” subreddit or \”working with Asian vendors\” subreddit. Or Are you wondering how to handle tracking sales and your expenses for tax purposes? try Searching for a particular bookkeeping or accounting method. And to put the topping on the ice cream, there\’s even a 60,000-subscriber /r/tax subreddit to learn from.

One of the significant problems with Reddit is that it encompasses a tremendous amount of information and once you are tired of the business for the day, you can find everything here from in-depth legal matters to the latest silly meme on the internet.

 Amidst all the noise and distractions, you can always use these Amazon FBA Reddit communities to help you develop your new business, push it to 7 figures or just hang out with the community on Reddit to chat about pricing, product sourcing in China, what to sell on Amazon, because it doesn\’t matter what your question is someone will always have an answer for you on Reddit. 

So sign up to Reddit, subscribe to a few communities that meet your requirements (niche), and get on track to reach your goals, which could include improving or confirming your business ideas, get started with FBA selling on Amazon or any Amazon questions you may have. 

When you subscribe to the subreddits of your choice, all the posts show up on your main feed and this presents an excellent way to get all possible information conveniently for you. 

Unfortunately, sometimes, this will also mean you get flooded with repeated and less critical information that will not be of any help to you for your success with the FBA program. 

Smaller subreddits with fewer posts can still deliver gems sometimes, so ignoring them may not be the wisest choice. Larger, popular subreddits may become clogged with things you already know. Sometimes, only searching for the main Reddit page for specific information may net you the best results in the least amount of time.

Just like any other platform the entire Reddit platform can offer you multiple opportunities to go down in your search for the best information about your specific business interests.

As opposed to popular belief Reddit has so many users that with immerse knowledge about Amazon. As you can see from the article there are more than enough Subreddits to help you with the many questions you would have on how to Sell on Amazon.

So if you are not on Reddit yet, get on board, and if you already are be sure to join some of these Subreddits and more.

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