You’ll need to contact the individual publishers who post articles on Amazon to get editorial recommendations. 

How far does it set you back? 

When your product’s editorial recommendation is live on Amazon, there could be one-time or monthly payments. This is advantageous because, as opposed to running supported product advertisements and fighting high ACoS, it produces a consistent monthly advertisement expense.

How long will the article be available for viewing? 

Keywords are used to determine how the article is viewed, similar to how sponsored product advertisements function. Your article will be included in a rotation with content from other publishers, particularly for keyword recommendations. As a result, some consumers will notice your suggestion and others will not. It will depend on the exact keywords they are looking for once again. Your editorial recommendations will be shown around 25% of the time on average.

What if the editorial suggestion doesn’t result in any sales? 

If the editorial doesn’t result in any sales, contact the agency or publisher with whom you’re working.

Is it possible to alter the article’s wording if you don’t like it? 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You have no say over what publishers write about your products because they produce the content independently. However, if the product is successful, publishers will most certainly portray it in a favorable light—that’s the whole point of the program!


It’s important to have an internal public relations team or a PR agency who can lobby on your behalf to Amazon Onsite Associates publications to have your product included in an Editorial Recommendation. Maintaining contact with your media contacts and informing them of new products, seasonal products, and upcoming releases. Although meeting Amazon’s requirements is beneficial, we strongly advise brands to work with a public relations professional. Brands can obtain access to Amazon Onsite Associates with the use of a PR agency or in-house PR efforts. This removes the risk of depending on the possibility that a product will receive an Editorial Review on its own.

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