To reach as many customers as possible, you will need to put a lot of work into advertising your listing. One way of doing so is by using sponsored video ads. With sponsored video ads, you stay ahead of the competition as these sponsored videos take up a big portion of the search results and automatically play when a potential customer scrolls by. By simply including relevant information in the video, your sponsored video ads will lead customers to your product and enable them to make a quick purchasing decision.

Let’s have a greater look at this novel advertising technique.


This is an advertisement technique that was introduced in 2020 to help you increase your brand’s exposure. These sponsored brand video ads appear on an Amazon user’s screen and automatically play as they scroll through Amazon shopping results. They easily attract customers to your product as all the details of the product are displayed in the video.


The sponsored brand video ads are keyword targeted. This simply means that if an Amazon

user types in a term in the search engine, and that term correlates with the brand video, then

the sponsored brand video ad will pop up on the screen as they scroll through the results of

their search.

These videos contain significant details about the product like star rating, review count, prime eligibility, and pricing of the product.  If the user finds the video appealing and clicks on it, they are then redirected to the product details page. All the details about the product will be availed to the customer and a purchase can then be made.


Since the video is really short, precision is key for capturing the right moments in the ad. Your main focus should be on the product it self, it’s quality and benefits. The quality of your video itself must speak volumes too, you are trying to catch a viewers attention first hand, so you would have to put up some good quality aesthetics. With regard to your product, ensure you highlight key features of the product and it’s use throughout the video. You must also add text captions to the video as some people will not play it with sound. With texts in place, you will still be able to convey the message/information about the product to those that do not turn on the audio option for the video.


You must first create a video in accordance with Amazon’s guidelines,

Once your video meets these guidelines, you can set up your as by opening the ‘Advertising’ tab in Seller Central and create a campaign under the ‘campaign manager’ option.

Your campaign type should be ‘sponsored brands.’ You can then enter your campaign name and choose ‘video’ as your campaign format. 

You then upload your video and the most important part, you put the keywords that you want your video to be targeted by.

You can then submit for review and Amazon will give you a review within 72hours after which your video will be running.


The point of these sponsored video ads is to link your viewers to your products. You have three options of where the video should take your videos. This include; the Amazon store page, a product landing page or a category page.

  1. The Amazon Store Page

This is a good idea if you have a large brand. By getting redirected to your store page, viewers are enabled to see the range of goods you have. This allows you to benefit as the viewers might then be moved to buy more than the product they were attracted to in the video ad.

  1. Product Landing Page

Leading viewers to the exact product landing page is good especially if you intend on increasing sales for that particular product. This is recommended for smaller brands to enable them to grow their brand through the one product in the sponsored video ad.

  1. A Category Page

For sellers that have similar products to those they are advertising in the video, this is an ideal option. This way, you give your viewers a wider variety of products in the same category as the ones you have put in your video ad.


Staying ahead of the competition on Amazon does not have to be as hard as it seems. With the use of sponsored video ads, you are able to attract your customers through attractive pop-up videos that display your product to the customer. Whether you want them to be redirected to your store page, category page, or the exact product landing page, using sponsored video ads will have you maximize your sales reach as many viewers who key in your target term.

Stay ahead of the game by taking advantage of this marketing idea. All the best!

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