How to sell on Amazon handmade

Looking for a way to get your handcrafted products in front of millions of people? Amazon provides a one-of-a-kind, artisan-only platform that allows artists to tap into Amazon\’s vast consumer base while still pursuing their passion. We\’ll go over everything you need to know about Amazon Handmade, including how to become a seller, how to equate Amazon Handmade to Etsy, and more.

What is Amazon Handmade, and what does it entail? 

Amazon Handmade is an artisan-only Amazon group where artists and crafters can sell their one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind items to customers all over the world. 

Amazon Handmade accounts are distinct from standard Amazon seller accounts, and the business model differs from that of other Amazon sale methods.

Crafted only sells handmade, hand-altered, or hand-assembled items; no mass-produced items are permitted to be sold on the site. 

The following are some examples of items available on Amazon Handmade: 

  • Cutting boards made by hand 
  • Crochet handbags Abstract sculpture Pottery 
  • Bracelets made of beads 
  • Bath bombs made of soap 
  • Cases for pillows 
  • And a lot more!

How Amazon Handmade works are as follows: 

It\’s relatively easy to get started selling on Amazon Handmade: 

  1. You make all of your items by hand. Any product you sell on Amazon Handmade must be handcrafted by you or a member of your team. 
  1. To demonstrate that you are a qualified Handmade seller, fill out an application and answer a few questions about your company. (See below for more information.)
  1. Decide on how you\’ll meet your Amazon orders. You can use Amazon\’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) process for Amazon Handmade, which is when you send your goods to an Amazon warehouse, they become Prime worthy, and Amazon packages and ships any orders you get for you. You can also use Amazon\’s Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) system to ship the order yourself from your warehouse or venue. 
  1. Your customers enjoy your lovely handcrafted products, and your company expands!

How to Begin Selling Handmade on Amazon 

We\’ll show you how to get your Amazon Handmade account set up if you already have a handcrafted or otherwise handmade product to sell. (And if you don\’t, but want to sell there, we will help you find product opportunities down below.)

To sell on Amazon Handmade, you must complete a lengthy application. Amazon needs to make sure they\’re just selling authentic handcrafted goods, so any effort to introduce mass-produced items to the Handmade site would be rejected.

Handmade, according to Amazon, means: 

  • Handcrafted: This item was created entirely by hand. 
  • Hand-altered: An existing product that has been altered or converted into a new design, such as a denim jacket on which you have painted or drawn your designs. 
  • Customized Handmade: If you\’re customizing a product, you can sell it on Amazon Handmade.

Amazon will ask you a series of questions about your company during the application process. 

Amazon will first inquire about you and your business. 

  1. What kind of Maker do you consider yourself to be? 
  • Maker alone at work 
  • A company with less than 20 staff 
  • A collective of creators who work together. 
  • Other
  1. Please describe your work to us. 

Choose the choice that most accurately reflects your job. 

  • My items are made by hand. 
  • My items have been altered by hand. 
  • I don\’t make my products; instead, I customize each one to the buyer\’s specifications. 
  • I buy handmade goods from artisans and sell them.
  1. Which of the following best describes your manufacturing process? 
  • I create and design my things. 
  • My goods are designed and manufactured by me, but a small portion of the work is completed by an outside company or organization. 
  • I create my goods and send them out to be manufactured. 
  • My goods are not designed or manufactured by me.
  1. How much of the manufacturing process are you and/or your staff responsible for? 
  • 75-100% 
  • 50-74% 
  • 25-49% 
  • 1-24% 
  • None at all
  1. Please describe your products and processes to us. 

This is where you give Amazon a detailed step-by-step explanation of how you make your products and what materials you use. 

  • What are the products involved? 
  • What strategies or methods do you employ? 
  • How long does it take to complete each step?
  1. Please show us your job (images are required) 

Upload photos of your handcrafted items as well as the manufacturing process. Show Amazon as much information as possible to avoid any delays in the approval process. 

  1. Choose a product group. 

Select the category you want to sell in from the drop-down menu.

Make sure you answer all of the questions fully on the application form. The aim is to exclude vendors and companies who do not sell handmade products. 

If possible, I will include photos of your production process in the picture section. Demonstrate to Amazon that you or your business genuinely handcraft your goods.

It\’s also a good idea to read through the Amazon Handmade Terms and Conditions before applying to make sure you\’ll be able to follow their guidelines.


Selling your stuff on Amazon Handmade, in our opinion, is a no-brainer. Since it\’s still a relatively young website, there\’s a lot of space for you to list your one-of-a-kind, items and dominate

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