If you are reading this article, you have chosen to carry out a Quality Inspection of your products. Well done! But you are only halfway there. Who will inspect for you? A third party inspection company. Which one when there are so many? How do you choose the most suitable company for you and your product?

Choose a Third Party Inspection Company that: physically exists, covers the right manufacturing areas,  has full-time inspectors, offers more value-added quality control services than just the basics, are fully certified, offers on-site inspection, is ethical, and provides all services at a reasonable price.


The last thing anyone wants happening to them in business is being scammed. Ensure that the Inspection Company you choose has a physical address not only on their website but also has good reviews from other retailers, especially those that offer similar products to yours. You can even compare what your competitors say about that inspection company.


Some third-party Inspection companies do not have experience or knowledge in some manufacturing areas. Hence, choose a company that knows your product’s manufacturing process so that the company will know what to look for during an inspection. Having such advanced manufacturing knowledge and experience will reduce the risk of being cheated by the manufacturers during the inspection.


A third party inspection company with full-time inspectors is better than those who act as a franchise, giving jobs here and there because the former has a more consistent service standard than the latter .Companies that also subcontract and closely supervise inspections done by full time inspectors ensure quality. Choosing a company that already has local inspectors in the area where your chosen factory is will save you, the retailer, time and money.


Finding a third party inspection company with an all-in-one service package saves you the time, money, and general hassle of hiring many inspection companies for the range of services you will need.  For example, the company needs to offer more than the basic quality control services which are product inspections and ISO9000 factory audits. The inspection company should be capable of offering additional services like checklist development and definition, and supply development. Why go elsewhere when everything is under one roof. The best inspection companies like Inspect man have the multiple services mentioned above which includes sourcing of products.


Since you choose your manufacturer based on selective production specifications, you will need an inspection company qualified for the same standards. For example, the ISO9001 certification is an internationally recognized credential that ensures the highest international quality and integrity in inspections. An ISO certified inspection company will have a quality control system in place in line with the industry.


Quality Inspectors need to have good professional relationships with the factory workers during the inspection. This might tempt them to collude with the workers to cheat during the inspection and accept bribes. To avoid getting an inspection company with inspectors that cheat, look at the reviews and recommendations of that company by other retailers in your product category.


The easiest way to inspect your product is to have it reviewed, tested and validated right at the factory before shipping is done. You will need inspectors that can scan, test and report back on your products during the manufacturing process. This guarantees fully inspected products that meet requirements delivered to your facility.


As a retailer, you will want to minimize cost against your competitors and save a few pennies. But understand the differences in the services provided. For example, you may be settling for a less experienced inspector or a lower quality inspection. Well, then how will you know what makes a reasonable price? Compare the highly recommended inspection companies’ costs to their services and see the price range these top dogs offer. This will give you an idea of what price is good for the services you need. Remember too that the cheapest price on the market is not always the best price.


Although Inspection reports are not financial audits, you do not want your competitors knowing your exact product specifications. That is why you will need an inspection company that is known for both quality service and confidentiality.

  • Security

Let’s say that for some reason, you lose your copy of the inspection report; what then? You will need an inspection company that can store and securely maintain inspection reports for a while and has a good and formal recovery plan for just such instances.


Generally, Turnaround time is the amount of time taken to complete a process or fulfil a request. Usually, it takes about 72 hours from the time you assign an inspection company to inspect until they review and deliver the complete inspection to you. The faster the inspection is completed, the better for you.

To help you in choosing an inspection company, click the link below.

Top 5 inspection companies in China

It takes a little bit of your time to search for the right quality inspection company. But it’s not a blind search as this guide is within your reach. Look for a company that has a physical address to know that it exists, has experience in the same manufacturing areas as your product, has a global network of full time qualified inspectors that cannot be bribed, is a certified company, offers more than just the basic quality inspection services and can carry out the work in the shortest possible time and onsite, and ensures security and confidentiality. Good luck with your search!

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