Essential FBA Tools and specialists you need for selling are those that help in product research, sourcing, inspection, photography, freight forwarding, and Pay Per Click. Examples of these are Marshall Linux Logistics, Nugetfind, Speedy Pro Photos, EflexSourcing, Inspectaman, Bing, and Google Ads.

When starting to sell on Amazon, you might have felt like a fish out of water. Even though you have learned a few tricks of the trade, it does sometimes get quite overwhelming. Worry not! We are here to help make a success out of your Amazon Selling experience. 

We have established a directory of fulfillment by Amazon specialists and tools to help you take on the complexity of selling on Amazon. Knowing FBA tools and Specialists helps to simplify the FBA process for you, the seller. Each specialist and tool offers its own set of features. Let us consider these tools in depth.


Product research provides you with information on the specific and essential characteristics of your product. This research can also help you find suitable ideas for the products by screening and testing new ideas and reducing costs by avoiding investments in discarded ideas.

The following are examples of essential Product Research tools.

  1. Nugetfind

Nugetfind is software that makes conducting product research easy. With this web-based software, users can search for new items, gain insight from sales data estimates, and track products. Users also gain an automated email follow-up system and Amazon product listing builder. Package Pricing starts at $69 per month and goes up to $189 per month. This tool has a feature that ensures that the product meets the compliance requirements before listing products.

For all your product research tools, visit Nugetfind.

  2. Sellics

With its full suite of selling different tools, Sellics is one of the best for established Amazon FBA sellers. Features start at $0 and go up to $267 per month when paid per year. Sellics are explicitly designed for Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies.

  3. Helium 10

This software has multiple Amazon FBA tools to help you find high-ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, and optimize product listings. The Amazon optimization tool suite is specially designed for sellers looking to grow their Amazon FBA businesses exponentially.

 4. Inventory Lab

With its a la carte approach, seasoned and new Amazon sellers can find the solutions they need with InventoryLab. It lets Amazon FBA sellers conduct keyword, competition, product, and listing research. This web-based software makes it easier to manage inventory, feedback, sales, and reviews. You can also manage Amazon ad campaigns.

5.    IOScout

Gets detailed Amazon product listings statistics, including fees, estimated sales, and revenue, seller details, Etc. IO for Amazon is another product research tool that works as a Chrome extension. You easily access product detailed statistics and data right from amazon websites. One can also add specific products to your tracking lists to monitor them. 

6. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another one of Amazon FBA tools for product research. It offers solutions for big data analytics, estimates, competitor monitoring, and more. Uses the web app to filter through millions of Amazon products until you find the right idea. Track your products (and your competitors) as you nurture and grow your e-commerce business. You can also use their Chrome extension to get product ideas as you browse Amazon and sort by the data that matters to you most.


Product sourcing takes a lot of calculated product research to find profitable products. Like any other business, you need to introduce new variety, improve quality, or even innovate existing products. You need to make constant efforts to provide high-quality products with variations working with manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters to give your Amazon clients; otherwise, your success will be temporary. 

Available Sourcing tools for you are: 

  1. Eflex Sourcing 

Eflex Sourcing is an innovative product development and sourcing company specialized in creating solutions for businesses and industries worldwide. It is a china based company for the B2B marketplace for buyers from across the globe. Their suppliers’ list is well-vetted and they also appear in exhibitions/trade shows.

To use Eflex Sourcing, please visit Eflex Sourcing.

  1. Made-In-China.Com

Made- In- Cina.com is a relatively old B2B platform and has been operating since 1996. It won China’s B2B Impact Award for leading the B2B portal. It is known for its easy interface and connecting to suppliers easily.

  1. DHgate

DHgate is a wholesale B2B e-commerce site based in China, and they prefer bulk orders, but the MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) are usually low. DHGate is widespread, and one feature that makes it stand out is its system of payment handling. They only pass payments to sellers when buyers confirm receipt of goods, making transactions extremely safe.

  1. Target.Com

 Target.com is a website, somewhat like Alibaba, that offers products at discounted prices that you can ship to your home address (or pick up at one of their brick-and-mortar stores). Though Target isn’t quite as committed to low prices like some other companies like Alibaba, it does emphasize stocking very trendy and fashion-forward goods.


The risk of sending a product from the supplier straight to Amazon overshadows the reward. Anything you may believe to be saving in prep fees, you could easily be spending in Amazon penalties and refunds to customers. You can minimize this risk by using inspection service specialists. The inspection specialist inspects your products, conducts labeling, bundling, and several other services to save you time, eliminate the risk of sending faulty and keep your customers happy, or misrepresent products to Amazon.

Available inspection specialists:

  1. Inspectaman Service Company

Inspectaman is the leading inspection service that ensures that your products meet the standards, and they are the correct products that you paid for. The inspection team is committed to following the most stringent standards. By constant training and strict monitoring of inspectors’ financial transactions, they are part of every importer’s toolbox when it comes to buying in China.

  1. V-Trust Inspection Company

V-Trust is an inspection service with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China. They have offices in about 20 cities within China. They provide you with all the information you need as you decide to book with them. Additionally, their charges are already inclusive of traveling costs and you will not encounter any other hidden fees other than the ones they will make known to you.

  1. KRT Inspection Company

KRT Audits is a US-based company that offers a wide range of quality control and inspection services to importers in China and other Asian countries. KRT Audits include final shipment inspection, in-process inspection, container loading supervision, first article inspection, manufacturing process monitoring, defect sorting inspection, complete factory audit, comprehensive reseller audit, basic factory audit, thorough social, business license check, and anti-terrorism audit.


Photography is what makes the product on Amazon sell. Images stand the majority of the experience of a product when you’re shopping online. High-quality photos make a huge difference in consumer perception of the product and your brand and convert the sale. For example, whenever a customer walks into a physical store, he/she can pick up a product, spin it around and poke it. However, when the product is online, the customers can’t do any physical inspection of the product. Photos represent your brand, and this is how a shopper experiences what you want them to feel.

Available product photography specialists are:

  1. SpeedyPro Photos

High-quality images are an essential part of selling products online, and customers rely on them when deciding to buy. Imaging providers like Speedypro Photos. Any successful product must have the right image. Speedy Pro Photos convey completed proficient pictures with unadulterated white foundation, upgraded high goals pictures completely prepared for on the web, and made and transferred to your site.

To find out more about Speedypro Photos, visit Speedypro Photos

  1.  Wiggle Media

Wiggle Media also one of the FBA tools is a well-known Product Photography Services provider in India (Product Photo-shoot Services). Wiggle Media is a fully integrated video production company in India that helps you present your product to the world, the way you want.


With the development of economic globalization, eCommerce and cross-border trade is increasing, and more products get exported worldwide, and more demand for products to be shipped worldwide. Using the right Amazon FBA tools, you’ll ship your products to an Amazon warehouse for storage known as an Amazon fulfillment centre. You’ll send the shipments to a fulfillment centre on a shipping pallet or a freight forwarding company directly from your supplier. If you have the need to sell products to other countries or you want to import or buy products, you may want to find a suitable shipping agent and know more about good logistics companies.

Available freight forwarders specialists are:

  1. Marshall Linux Logistics

Marshall Linux Logistics is an international shipping service that aims to cater to all your Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding needs to ensure that the shipments are delivered to your fulfillment warehouse hassle-free and on time!

For more information, please visit Marshall Linux Logistics

  1. ShipBob

ShipBob makes it possible to transfer inventory from any ShipBob fulfillment centre to any FBA facility. They’ll prep the orders with FBA box labels and item labels, acting as your central logistics hub to focus on doing what you do best. 

  1. Comeorders.Com

 Comeorders.com is a professional, cross-border logistics integrated platform incorporated with many famous companies such as Shopify and Aliexpress. It also provides package tracking and supports 600 couriers worldwide. It can achieve real-time monitoring and offers accurate and fast-tracking services based on intelligent big data analysis. Furthermore, It integrates with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, and buyers can track the package in your store.


With the success of Pay Per Click’s model, many companies have burst onto the scene with their platforms. With so many companies wanting a portion of the profits, this has led to endless PPC networks popping up every time. When it comes to pay-per-click networks, you probably only think about Bing and Google. However, as you know, those aren’t the only PPC networks out there. There are many Pay Per Click networks, each one with a specialization in a specific niche, from mobile Ads to content marketing. No matter if you’re searching for a new network or a cheaper alternative, we’ve got plenty of excellent PPC networks you need to try.

Here are the most popular PPC networks you need to know:

  1. Google Ads

Google Ads is the father of the PPC world, there’s no denying that Google Ads is still the best thing since sliced bread. With a large amount of traffic and keywords up for grabs, using Google Ads is a must no matter your budget or campaign size. Featuring a vast ad network and millions of 3rd party websites, Google is suited for any campaign type.

Since Google Ads is the first choice for many advertising companies and agencies, prices can be costly compared to other lesser-known networks. However, it’s not a secret that Google is the most used search engine globally and attracts millions of people every day. If you want to maximize your exposure to your campaign, then Google Ads should be your priority.

To find out more about Google Ads, please visit: Google Ads

  1. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a popular network full of affordable clicks. Unlike more extensive PPC networks, the average cost per click on Bidvertiser is lower. Bidvertiser works by displaying the ads on 3rd party websites that sign up under their revenue share scheme. Publishers get a certain amount of the cost per click for displaying the advert on their website. For smaller-scale advertisers, this is great as you can display some ads without spending much.

  1. RevContent

With Pay Per Click becoming increasingly popular, many systems have made their platforms with unique twists. RevContent is one of the networks that focuses on a particular PPC type, which is content advertising. Instead of displaying old advertisements on partner websites, it displays relevant content ads only. RevContent provides a way to advertise your content on an external website. You simply bid for a particular keyword, and your content will be displayed on other sites.

If you want to drive some traffic to your website via content marketing, RevContent must use it. You can get a meager cost per click, but you’ll also be attracting relevant and information-hungry traffic.

  1. AdRoll

AdRoll is an all-driven market in software made to retarget a network of choice for many online advertisers. Using networks from websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, AdRoll, and Google helps convert visitors into buyers.

By the strategy of actively targeting visitors who have already visited your website, retargeting bits of traffic help bring visitors back. These ads pop up as potential customers browse other sites online, capturing their attention and bringing them back. Using its massive ad exchange, AdRoll can place your adverts on thousands of different websites that always remind visitors about your website. AdRoll is a must-use if you’re planning on running a successful PPC campaign.

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has been around for quite a while, and advertisers have only just started to make use of the network. Compared to other systems. Facebook Ads allow advertisers to use many methods of targeting options that aren’t available anywhere else. Instead of focusing on certain specific keywords, advertisers can dig deeper and target a person’s likes and interests.

Another positive thing about Facebook Ads is that the ads are particularly hard to block, which helps increase the Ad’s exposure. On Facebook, sponsored posts and Ads promoted are seamlessly integrated into user’s news feeds, making them a lot harder to block. As a result, you get more exposure and, ultimately, more clicks.

  1. Bing Ads

If you’re having trouble working with Google Ads, Bing Ads is a better choice. It is known for its similarities to Google. Bing is a popular search engine and receives a million searches every day. Responsible for the ads on both the Yahoo and Bing search engine, Bing Ads has the second largest network right behind Google. 

To find out more about Bing Ads, please visit: Bing Ads


There are many FBA tools and Specialists for Amazon Sellers who sell by FBA. You need to know exactly which combination of tools and specialists would work for you. If possible, pick specialists and tools that have the same objective at whatever step of the Selling process you are at, be it product research or inspection. That is why we recommend using Nugetfind, SpeedyPro Photos, Inspectaman, and Marshall Linux for your Product Research, Product Photography, Product Inspection, and Freight forwarding needs respectively.

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