This is one of the most frequently asked questions by many entrepreneurs that are starting their online businesses. As a start-up online seller, it is no surprise that you have so many questions as you strive to do everything correctly. So, does one need a license to sell on Amazon?

To answer your question, no, you do not need a license to sell on Amazon. However you do need a credit card, email address, identity document, business information, tax ID and a valid phone number. You will also need a proof of address in the form of a utility bill. 

Why Wouldn’t I Need a License?

You are most likely relieved by the fact that you need not have a license to sell on Amazon, however, you are probably wondering, ‘why not?’ Well, this is because typically, the kind of goods sold through Amazon are goods that do not require the government’s approval regulation. You must note that Amazon itself also does not license sellers but simply charge a monthly seller fee. Therefore, you are not required to have a license in order to sell on Amazon.

What Do I Need Instead?

Regardless of the fact that a license is not a prerequisite for you to become a seller on Amazon, there are other easy requirements you will have to meet;

  1. A Credit Card

As a seller, you will be required to have an internationally recognized credit card. This is owing to the fact that you will be required to pay that seller fee to Amazon every month. The payment of this monthly fee thus requires your internationally recognised credit card details.

  1. An Email Address

You probably have a working email address, but if you do not, you can easily make one for your business in a few seconds. 

It is important to have a working email address as this is how you will receive vital information from Amazon as soon as you sign up.

  1. Business Information

You will need to provide details about your business such as your company address, name and other contact details.

  1. Proof of Residence

You are required to provide proof of the address you have provided in your details. This can be given by attaching a utility bill with your address in it.

  1. Phone Number

As an e-commerce seller, you must have a phone number that Amazon can use to reach you at any time. Adding a back-up contact will be better in order to ensure you do not miss any opportunity that may come your way.

  1. A Tax ID

A Tax ID is basically your social security number. You may either use your personal social security number or your company’s Tax ID, if you do have one.

There you have it, Amazon does not request any more than you already have. By simply providing basic information, you can join the Amazon community as an Amazon seller. Good luck!

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