As a seller, you have come to know the value of Quality Inspections and the benefits of using a good quality inspection company like Inspectaman. You will still need to familiarise yourself with a few more terms and processes to understand the whole inspection process better. 

A Product inspection checklist is a list that specifies the quality, quantity, appearance, functions, barcodes and special requirements for your product. On the other hand, a Product Inspection Report is a report that your Inspection company gives you to show whether the product matches the standards and any defects. 


For a quality Inspection to be successful, the inspection company needs to know your product specifications. Think of the Product Inspection Checklist or Product Inspection Criteria as a guide that your inspection company will use to determine which products are defective and which products meet your requirements and that of the regulatory standards. every pre-shipment inspection is carried out to ensure;

  • product matches the design and your requirement
  • to reduce good of inferior quality on the market
  • remove defective products

All the above promote a smooth flow of goods and promotes trade which is a plus for sellers.

A product inspection checklist helps amazon sellers to :

  • Ensure the inspection company understands their requirements 
  • Serves as a guideline of the expected quality of products 
  • Communicates the wishes of the final customer to the factory and inspection company
  • Serves as a guide to carefully document the product specifications and requirements 

The checklist helps inspectors carry out a step-by-step inspection to determine the product’s condition and conformity. 

Below is an extract of a part of an  inspection checklist.



A product inspection report is a report that provides you with a pass/fail result, key findings, and a general overview of your product’s inspection result. An inspection report includes:

  • overview section, which shows who carried out the inspection, when it was carried out, and where it was carried out.
  • Inspection results summary
  • Product quantity and sample size
  • Craft and defectives list
  • Function testing 
  • Product label and measurements
  • Packaging.

Inspection reports contain the result of the detailed inspection that was carried out on your product. Below is a basic sample of an inspection report.


To illustrate the main difference between the inspection checklist and inspection report, view your inspection checklist as the map to your quality products and the inspection report as your arrival at your destination of the right quality products. Remember, both the checklist and report are essential tools in quality control. 

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