How to rank on Amazon quickly

Having a high product rating on Amazon can help you improve sales by allowing more potential buyers to locate your products when they search the site. Sellers must understand how Amazon’s search algorithm (known as A9) works to rank well on the site. This article will go over the following topics:  The Product Search Algorithm […]

How to Make a Prototype In China?

Making a prototype is an important step in developing a new product. A prototype is a similar representation of the final product. A prototype is an essential step between design and production for your product. It aids in the testing and validation of the specification prior to mass production. Designers’ concepts are brought to life […]

Why sell on Amazon Prime?

There are many advantages to selling on Amazon Prime. Prime products rank higher in quest than non-Prime products. This is critical for private label vendors, who are frequently competing against a large number of identical goods that already have the Prime badge and would be at a disadvantage if they were the odd one out. […]

What is Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)?

Introduction APQP is a method for designing products and processes that is standardized. This framework is a collection of standardized quality requirements that enable suppliers to design customer-satisfying products. This is enabled by proper product quality planning. Product quality planning’s main aim is to make communication and coordination between engineering activities easier. The APQP process […]

How long will it take you to create an Amazon business?

Amazon is more than just the world’s biggest online marketplace; it also offers a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort to learn how to create an Amazon business, being an Amazon business seller can be a lucrative undertaking. The trade-off for increased opportunity is that rivalry […]

How to ensure great quality products

If you’re buying from a manufacturer around the country or right down the street, you’ll face the same issues with product quality, shipping delays, cost and safety concerns, and so on. To reduce the quality risks and costs associated with sourcing, we propose five steps that have been proven effective over the course of our […]


INTRODUCTION If you are a seller starting out on Amazon, you are probably wondering how to find and choose the perfect photographer for your products. With a vast number of product photographers, choosing a photographer who can create stunning images for your listing can be confusing. This article aims to highlight a few tips that […]


One of the biggest product photography mistakes most Amazon sellers make is to pay little attention to the images they use to display their products. Inserting a good image to display your products on Amazon is not only a requirement for the listing but is actually an essential part of your marketing strategy. This is […]

DIY Product Photography tips and tools for Amazon Sellers

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then a stunning product picture is worth a thousand website visits. Product photography can become valuable to your e-commerce website strategy. Product photography isn’t as easy as people may think; it’s not just all about just pointing and shooting. The most basic products need the right […]