Amazon Global Selling

Trying to figure out how to sell globally on Amazon? Then you\’ve come to the right location. 

When it comes to evaluating your e-commerce or online business, few sellers enjoy expanding outside their home country. 

Since selling in a foreign country can be intimidating, this is likely. But what if we told you it was simple?

You are severely limiting your sales by only selling in your home country. You can now easily improve your e-commerce business globally with the help of Amazon Global and FBA.

Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling (AGS) is a service that allows vendors to list and sell their products on Amazon\’s various global marketplaces. There are currently 13 Amazon websites operating around the world. Amazon allows sellers to sell their goods on these websites no matter where they are in the world.

The procedure of globally selling on Amazon is normally comparable to selling there domestically:

  • Selling and registering for an account on a particular marketplace. 
  • The inventory items that are available for purchase are listed. 
  • Customers look at the items, evaluate them, and then purchase them. The seller is notified of the destination of the products. 
  • After that, the products are shipped and delivered to customers, and the shipment is checked (or permits Amazon to fulfill their orders with FBA).
  • When they receive the product, Amazon collects the funds and deducts their standard fees before depositing the remaining funds into the seller\’s bank account.

How does Amazon Global Selling work?

With these four simple steps, you can set your company up for international selling victory.

     1. Decide what and where you want to sell

Before deciding where you want to do business and what you want to sell, it\’s critical to consider the selling environment of each future marketplace. Until investing in any foreign sector, think about things like local tariffs and restrictions.

     2. Register your account and list products

It\’s time to start selling after you\’ve fully learned the taxes and regulations in the international marketplaces of your choosing. However, you must first establish a Seller Central account in those marketplaces before you can conduct business. This is true even though you already have an Amazon seller account on another marketplace.

If you already have a Seller Central account for selling in the United Kingdom, for example, you\’ll need to build a new one for selling in China. If you already have an account on a European marketplace and want to do business elsewhere in Europe, this is an exception. You can sell across Europe using a single Seller Central account thanks to Amazon\’s centralized accounts for European marketplaces.

      3. Start shipping and fulfilling orders

Client satisfaction is dependent on effective order fulfillment. It\’s critical to understand the complexities of international shipping and fulfillment in different international marketplaces if you want to win. This includes aspects such as delivery time, prices, and specifications.

     4. Keep up with customer service and returns

If your orders are completed, it\’s important to handle any customer concerns, quality issues, or returns as soon as possible. You have the choice of having Amazon manage client service for you or doing it yourself. You can check all of your orders, purchases, and purchase messages from all of your marketplaces in one location using your Global Sales Summary.

Benefits of Amazon Global Selling

Sellers who market and sell their goods effectively in one market are more likely to achieve similar success in other markets. When it comes to sales on Amazon, the global expansion of a hot item is, after all, the next logical step in the process. 

Amazon helps take the burden and inconvenience out of shipping by handling the client\’s shipments by FBA.

Sellers would then increase their global sales dominance by entering the market more quickly and for less money.

Some benefits of selling internationally on Amazon include:

  • FBA makes shipping and distribution easy. 
  • A much larger number of clients can be reached. 
  • If a seller\’s company is already profitable in their home market, Amazon decreases the seller\’s global growth experience, lowering the need to create a brand. 
  • During the holiday seasons, such as Christmas, and special sales days, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some of the biggest sales are made. These days, global sales will yield a huge profit.
  • Amazon ensures that sellers collect their funds on time and that they are deposited into their local bank accounts.

How to sell Internationally on Amazon

  1. Register to sell globally on Amazon. 

The first step after expanding your company to a new marketplace is to open an Amazon seller account for your region. For each active account, you must now pay a monthly fee.

  1. Enter the required details and make a payment. 

Creating an account on a new marketplace is equivalent to creating an account on the current marketplace.

You have to enter all the details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email ID
  • Tax information 
  • Business name
  • Valid credit card number and its details 
  • Bank account number 
  1. Link the regional amazon seller accounts. 

Select the ‘inventory menu\’ and then ‘sell global\’ in Seller Central. Multiple tabs will appear on your screen for various regions to connect. Click on the marketplace you want to sell on, and if you don\’t have an account, click on \”Register Now\” to build one. If you already have an account, go to ‘connect accounts\’ to link it to the account for the area you want to target.

  1. Create the product listings in the new international marketplace and start selling.

While creating a product listing keep this information:

  • Product ID
  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Features of the product 
  • Product keywords
  • Product images

Register your product ASINs on all the marketplaces that you are selling in and add the relevant details.

  1. Keep the language requirements in mind.

By selecting the required language from the top menu, you can conveniently manage your seller central account in your native language.

Amazon global selling fees

For each of your active Amazon seller accounts, you must pay a monthly fee. Prices vary from one marketplace to the next.

  • U.S: $39.99
  • Canada: CAD 29.99
  • Mexico: MXN 600
  • Brazil: R$ 19
  • U.K: GBP 25
  • Germany: EUR 39
  • France: EUR 39
  • Italy: EUR 39
  • Spain: EUR 39
  • Japan: JPY 4,900
  • Australia: AUD 49.95


Amazon is a fantastic place to start a business. Amazon has taken several steps to assist sellers in expanding their businesses globally and dispel the myth that foreign sales are difficult.

Selling on Amazon is a lucrative business for many people. However, the majority of them restrict themselves, even without realizing it, by only selling in their home market. These sellers will be able to calculate their companies exponentially if they sold their products internationally.

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