The basics are frequently overlooked in business; this is especially true when it comes to great product images for an Amazon listing. Due to the amount of effort required in either sourcing or photographing products, low-quality images are quite common. This, however, is a fundamental that must not be overlooked; it is a critical factor in a customer’s decision-making process when purchasing online. When customers shop online – descriptions are all well and good, but by the time they read them, they have almost always already made up their mind from the visuals. Customers will rarely buy without a clear photo.

Here are 5 reasons why great product photos are essential for your Amazon listing.

1.Help Build Your Brand

Great product photos distinguish high-quality brands and aid in the maintenance of a trustworthy image. With great photos, you can help your customers remember your products and your brand.

Having great professionally shot product photos on your Amazon listing consistently can communicate to your audience that your company is professional and valued. It helps your customers believe that your company truly cares about their needs, wants, desires, and fears, which motivates them to become fans and, eventually, loyal customers who purchase your products regularly, which in turn builds trust in your brand. In addition to building your brand, several studies have shown that great product images can boost conversions. 

2.Good Understanding of the Product

Humans are visually orientated creatures which mean that images speak louder than words. Especially in the digital world we now live in. People have less of an attention span now more than ever. So when they’re scrolling through various amazon listings they have very limited time and even less patience to read all the text or product descriptions. Amazing product images can play a huge role in making your customers understand your products without looking at them twice. Keep in mind whenever visitors land on your listing, they cannot touch the product physically. Images allow them to get a look and feel of your products.

This is why now more than ever it’s crucial to your business’s success to have powerful and impactful product images that will instantly hook their attention.

3.Set the right Expectations and Promote Reliability 

On average, 5-15% of products sold on amazon are returned because ‘items look different from the photos”. Convincing people to buy products offline is comparatively easier than doing so online because the customer can physically see and touch the product. Having amazing product photos of your products that tell the story you’re wanting to tell sets your customers’ expectations about what they are looking at.

Great product photos also help remove the fear customers will most certainly have about the products not meeting their expectations. Quality photos that tell the right story will meet customer expectations and help to build trust and reliability among consumers.

4. Great Product Images Grab Customer Attention

If you are a seller on Amazon, you cannot take your potential customers to a river and show them how great and comfortable your canoe is. But you can convey this feeling through your pictures that you share on your listing. Plant a seed with great product photos that your product is the ultimate solution for all the problems they may have.

Perfectly taken, effective, and useful product photos grab a customer’s attention within seconds. Which will in turn increase the chances of high sales. An Amazon listing with poor product images leaves a very bad impression in the minds of the buyers. It reflects poorly on your company and the brand itself. Hence you need to pay extra attention to the quality of your product images.

5. Get a Competitive edge

You may believe your product is unique, but this is not the case. There are companies out there that sell products that have the same or even better features than yours.

Talking with your photos is a great way to outperform your competitors, differentiate yourself, and gain more market share. By using great high-quality product photos, you can demonstrate that your products are far more detail-oriented, better at solving your customers’ problems, and superior to your competitors.


 Your Amazon listing will require great photographs that bring your products to life, regardless of the industry you’re in, from fashion to tech, cultural goods, and so on. Customers want to see the product as if it were a regular part of their lives. Amazing product images can tell a story: what the brand stands for, what it means to consumers, and why the visitor should care. As a result, Amazon businesses like yours must maximize the use of quality product photography to persuade your audience to buy your products and build your brand.

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