One of the biggest product photography mistakes most Amazon sellers make is to pay little attention to the images they use to display their products. Inserting a good image to display your products on Amazon is not only a requirement for the listing but is actually an essential part of your marketing strategy. This is due to the fact that the product image is the first thing that will catch your customer’s attention, therefore, you must ensure it meets the standards of your customers.

Most Amazon Photo Fails are mainly attributed to 4 factors; taking your own photos, using fewer images than are allowed, not showing the product in use, and not highlighting the features of your products.

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  1. Taking Your Own Photos

This photo fail is mainly a result of a seller’s desire to save money they would spend on hiring a professional photographer. It is also attributed to the fact that everyone with a smartphone believes they possess good photography skills. however , this is not the case as product photography must be done by a professional photographer in order to attract a great deal of customers through a simple photo. Therefore, by trying to ‘save’ money by avoiding professional photographers, you are in fact losing out on potential customers because of your unappealing photos.

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Amazon Lifestyle product Photography
  1. Using Fewer Images Than Are Allowed

Amazon offers at least six spots that you must attach photos of your product, however, some sellers opt not to use all of these spots. This is a problem that is overlooked but actually has an effect on the profile of your products. Amazon doesn’t give you this many spots for no reason, but rather, to enable you to describe and demonstrate the use of your products using pictures. Attaching one photograph will not give as much detail about your products and may therefore not interest many potential customers.

Attaching sufficient pictures will help your targeted customers gather more information about your product and decide why they should pick your product as opposed to another seller’s product. You must therefore use as many photos to convince the buyers to purchase your products.

  1.  Not Using Lifestyle Images 

It has been stated that consumers are more likely to purchase items when they have been given the opportunity to see how the product works. Demonstrating how your product works is likely to attract customers even when the customer was not intending on purchasing a product.

Unlike physical traders, who have the opportunity to orally convince customers to purchase their products, online sellers can only effectively do so through detailed photos. Therefore, you must be creative enough to demonstrate the use of your product as you may easily catch an impulse buyer’s attention.

Ensure that your photos help the buyer imagine themselves using your product. Using professional models and scene shooting can help with this. 

Amazon lifestyle product Photography
  1. Not Highlighting Features of Your Product through infographics 

You must be able to convince customers easily by highlighting the features of your products through the photos you show on your listing. 

Remember, the customer has no other way of confirming the quality, colour or viability of your product other than through the photos you are providing.

Therefore, highlight all the unique features of your product without hesitation, for example, if your product has a strong webbed material, take a close up picture to showcase the webbed material and state why webbed material is preferred.

Amazon info graphics photography

All the information you provide, including the photos attached must create an in-store feel for the customer and confidently want to virtually purchase your product through the details you display on your listing.

Use as many images to showcase the size, use, quality and uniqueness of your products, all features. By doing so, you are convincing your customers to buy the product as they know more about the product.


The need for good photographs to showcase your products on Amazon cannot be overemphasized. You must not compromise on this aspect of your business as this is the main determinant of whether or not customers will be attracted to your product. 

Ensure to set yourself apart from the next like-product by letting your product’s photo speak for you. Hire a professional photographer like Speedypro Photos; provide as many images to your listing, highlight all the features of your product and also demonstrate your product in use. Remember, your product’s image is your strongest marketing tool!

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